Cookies + Convo Starters

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt | SUP & DINE

I originally made these cookies last night because I was feeling slightly hostile. I needed a pick-me-up that didn't require the last bit of humanity I was clinging to at the moment.

No store.
No people.
No annoyingly happy birds tweeting while they live life full + free because.....you know...hostile.



Pretense x Popcorn

Fancy Snack Ideas

I wish I had an explanation regarding my propensity to err on the side of indulgent.

Then again....

I don't.

Wish that.

It is what it is.




Easy Bake x Citrus Cake

Pound Cake Recipe

I'm sure the title leaves a few suggestions, but trust me...all things aren't as they first seem. I'm a self-taught baker, chef, wife.....and most things in general. I'm creative, so I "make" a lot! There isn't some deep seeded effort to save money...lose weight...find my inner Deepak Chopra....or reduce my propensity for petty behavior. I just like to make things. To task my brain with creating something out of nothing. For me, there's peace in perfecting brioche dough, setting a table, and arranging flowers. #ThatsAll

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