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Have you ever been SO excited about something that you forget important things?

I know I did last week when I emailed you about my latest workshop. First, I uploaded the links for the tickets wrong. Then, I forgot to send the email to the right segment of my email list...so, people got it that I knew weren't interested....and they unsubscribed.
After all of that, it got worse. I got some emails and messages on Instagram from a lot of you that felt left out...confused...and even hurt by the price of admission. I read each one in earnest and took a good look at what I could do.

I could take a few bells and whistles (that you wouldn't notice) and still provide a warm + welcoming setting. I could shorten the workshop from 8 hours to 4. I could practice my lessons so that you have more time for questions and 1 on 1 help. I could do more to show you what I'm capable of teaching you so that I don't get ahead of myself (or you!) while we build a trusting relationship.

I'd gotten so excited about all of the great things I have planned....that I forgot the most important part...you.So, I gathered myself together and lowered the price. All of you are important to me and SUP & DINE wouldn't have come as far as it has without your kindness, support, purchases, and design projects!
The tickets (with revamped pricing) are now available for you to come and let me teach you how to create your own personal style guide, curate a list of places to shop, educate you on the (real) cost of decorating, breakdown what you need to strike a balance between what looks great + works better....and more!
Let's Get Started

Why Style & Substance?

Filling your home with decor that feeds your creativity and inspires your intentions is a means for self-care too. You don’t have to sacrifice form for function...it’s possible to beautifully balance both in your space if you know which tools to use. Two of the greatest tools you already have are patience + intention.

I’ll teach you to identify what you like, how to determine whether it serves your life, and where to find it. It’s likely you won’t waste time buying items based on FOMO (fear of missing out) again! 
I’m Excited To Invest In My Space!

Happy to help.

Have questions or need help?
Send an email to info@supanddine.com


Palmiers x Pavement

Learning to make palmier has been the bane of my existence and is only superseded on the torture scale by my struggle to learn to ride a bike. They always come out as hard as concrete and this last batch reminded me of the time I got into a battle with the sidewalk...and lost. 



Champagne x Pears

My Great Aunt Faye spent most of her life as a maid. She was as efficient + and no-nonsense as they come. She knew her stuff...and managed to teach “Miss Ann” a thing or two about style + class + decorum. Faye didn’t take a *smidge* of guff from anybody and in the end her employers always ended up calling HER ma’am.

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