Dressing on the Side

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Let me tell you a secret......I dress up in self-defense.

Most of the time, I'm in sweats with my hair in a messy bun and rocking an errant Chiquita banana sticker on the butt of my pants. Since I want people to actually eat the food I cook when I invite them over without questioning whether or not I've washed my hands my duty is to jazz myself up before they arrive.
Make no mistake...this is not some meticulous, top-secret, Harvard grad type process. It's 3 steps and you're done!


1. Wear ONE color or ONE type of clothing.
To be clear, when I say one TYPE of clothing I mean wear a dress or a jumper or something else in a gorgeous print that you love. Don't worry about layers and coordination. You should definitely put on underpants, socks, etc.(unless your guests are into that sort of thing) Keep multiple pieces to a single color so you don't have to overthink when it comes to accessories.

2. Accessorize Excessively.
Pile it on like you'll never see the bottom of your jewelry box again.
Here's where you can set your mood before your guests arrive. Choose pearls or sparkly stones for an elegant vibe......stones & silver for an earthy and inviting tone......or a mashup of your favorites that make you happy and encourage lots of smiling!

Nicole Lennox Photography
3. Accentuate the Positive.
What's the thing you love most about you or your style?
Do you have great hair? Have you spent years on an epic hat collection? Self admitted sneakerhead?
Pick one of your best features or favorite clothing items and show it off! I love my smile so I always wear a rich lip color. Reds and pinks in any rich shade are my go-to.

Don't overthink it.....you'll probably be too tired from converting recipe measurements anyway.
All you need to have a memorable meal is good food + great company.

But, a great outfit never hurts.
Nicole Lennox Photography



Christmas Breakfast

Winter got here before I was ready. I'm a life-long lover of all things Christmas and spend most of the year looking forward to it!

Only, this year was different....much different...


Pleased to meet you

Nicole Lennox Photography

 First off.....please accept my apology for putting the cart before the horse! I have been SO excited to get things moving here on the blog that I COMPLETELY forgot to introduce myself!!! Have you ever been that geeked about something too?

Oh, you have?!?

Good…then we should get along perfectly!


Ricotta, Kale and Mushroom Toast

This morning I woke up and wanted pancakes SO bad!!! Huge, fluffy, and hot pancakes with slightly crispy edges......smothered in gooey maple syrup....with a ton of smokey & crisp bacon on the side. I almost made it happen....until I remembered something. I'm paying a personal trainer to get me into my "goal" dress by March so instead of eating my weight in flapjacks....I'm adulting today.

Fresh Ricotta

One of my biggest pet peeves....besides having to eat leftovers.....is......

::::::drum roll please::::::



Lentil Stew with Ham and Greens

photo: James Tse
Food Styling: Ian Muggridge
Prop Styling: Sabrina Linn

Recently, a high-end retailer decided to up charge collard  greens and sell them. Sight unseen....or better yet, untasted.....they. sold. out. 

$66 + $15.50 for shipping y'all.
For 4-6 people. 

Several digital media outlets wrote editorials about this appropriation fueled nonsense. One was even brave enough to taste test them for the masses. 

Didn't go well. 

5 Tips For A Better Guest List

No greater headache plagues a host or hostess than trying to figure out how to invite the right mix of personalities to dinner. Surely, you know someone that's had a large wedding or party and you've heard horror stories of seating charts.....who can't be seated with whom......and the ever annoying guest that NEVER returns their RSVP card. What I'm talking about here is a wee bit different......



Things in our family have been changing at a rapid pace these days and it's making it even more important that the time we do get to spend together is not only memorable, but cost effective as well!
We found out that there is a strong possibility that we will be moving soon and as much as I look forward to a new space, I'm kind of sad that we're going. We've lived here through dating, engagement, marriage, and even bringing home The Kid™. I wanted to be sure that we would all remember this place fondly so I decided to swap one half of our vacay for a #staycay!



BBQ Chicken Pizza

Let me let you in on a little secret…I DESPISE LEFTOVERS!! (bleeech!!) 
I am perfectly content with cooking a new meal each time we eat, but sometimes we are left with an odd tidbit here and there that isn't quite enough for a recipe re-do…the last of the meat…an unused onion half…1/8 of a cup of cheese…

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