BBQ Chicken Pizza

Let me let you in on a little secret…I DESPISE LEFTOVERS!! (bleeech!!) 
I am perfectly content with cooking a new meal each time we eat, but sometimes we are left with an odd tidbit here and there that isn't quite enough for a recipe re-do…the last of the meat…an unused onion half…1/8 of a cup of cheese…

When that happens…I employ a, no measurements, no fuss, style of cooking and I make pizza! My husband loves it & I can customize it for The Kid™. We usually do this before a big grocery shopping trip to clean out the fridge, so you know it's really anything goes!
I should warn you though…don't use a lot of watery stuff, especially, directly on top of the crust.

It. Won't. End. Well.

All you need are a few items:
• Pizza Dough (we use garlic & herb dough from Trader Joe's)
Sauce (think outside the tomato…anything thick will do)
• Cheese (keeps your toppings from falling off…unless you like that sort of thing…)
• Toppings (Use what you want...just try to keep it to 1/2 a cup or less for each, 2 cups total.)

chicken + Swiss/Gruyere + red onion + cilantro + cherry BBQ sauce + fresh lime juice

Try to combine the toppings so you have complementary elements:
I love giving a our taste buds a kick by brushing the crust with garlic oil, dotting the fresh baked pizza with sriracha, or topping with cool crisp chopped apples!

Really…the possibilities are endless and honestly, since it only takes about 20 minutes…there's plenty of time left to totally beat your kid in 6 games of Go Fish.

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