Things in our family have been changing at a rapid pace these days and it's making it even more important that the time we do get to spend together is not only memorable, but cost effective as well!
We found out that there is a strong possibility that we will be moving soon and as much as I look forward to a new space, I'm kind of sad that we're going. We've lived here through dating, engagement, marriage, and even bringing home The Kid™. I wanted to be sure that we would all remember this place fondly so I decided to swap one half of our vacay for a #staycay!

I found an adorable...affordable...and stylish teepee at Target! It's from their new line called Pillowfort. There's, literally, something for everyone! I paired it with my new wooden stool...which I also love to bits.....an ombre throw....some large pillows.........and a fluffy sheepskin rug.

We seriously love mandarin oranges around here so I filled my vintage brass pineapple full of them so we could snack between stories. Nothing like knock knock jokes & citrus fruit to lift your spirits, eh?

Honestly, The Kid & I just ended up lying there in the last of the afternoon sun....giggling doing our best Godfather impersonations with the leftover peels.

I fully intended to make a dish and share it with you, but I changed my mind and just chilled.
After all, that's what a #staycation is for.....right?


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  1. Oh this looks so stylish you can leave it up as an accent piece๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’› but my favorite rainy/ snow day thing was making a fort over our Mom's dining room table๐Ÿ™€ The grandkids made theirs over my folks' clothesline in the summertime!!! What joy this post brought!!! And happy trails to you to your new place....and new styling possibilities ๐Ÿ˜‰


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