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For me, a memorable dinner isn't just about great food.....it's about how it's served and who you eat it with. The weighted silence that descends over the table once everyone's plate is filled,
the gentle taps of fork to plate......as the silence abates and conversation begins to bloom once more....

How was your day?
Remember that one time.....?
This weekend, let's....!
Can you pass the.....?

The steam rising from dishes starts to dissipate but the craving for a connection....this connection, intensifies. A glance above the rim of your glass....the slight brush of fingers as you pass a plate...the power to compel your friends and family to soul warming laughter....or reduce them to tears with a heartfelt toast.
On it goes until your heart is more satisfied than your belly could ever be. Long after the food is gone, it's the special plates from Thanksgiving or Nana's cast iron skillet.....even just running your fingers over the pattern on the family silverware that makes you remember.
The clinks....the laughter.....the love.

SUP & DINE is more than a blog....it's an extension of my heart! It's always been a dream of mine to own a quaint shop.....maybe even do a pop-up or two....filled with all the things you need to make your meals...and home...memorably curated. To get the ball rolling I've created The Marketplace! The online shop is filled with links to all of  great items I have....plan to buy...or just find drool worthy! Check it out and let me know what you think! Don't forget to subscribe to SUP & DINE so you hear about all the new items before they even land on the blog!

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