Lentil Stew with Ham and Greens

photo: James Tse
Food Styling: Ian Muggridge
Prop Styling: Sabrina Linn

Recently, a high-end retailer decided to up charge collard  greens and sell them. Sight unseen....or better yet, untasted.....they. sold. out. 

$66 + $15.50 for shipping y'all.
For 4-6 people. 

Several digital media outlets wrote editorials about this appropriation fueled nonsense. One was even brave enough to taste test them for the masses. 

Didn't go well. 

5 Tips For A Better Guest List

No greater headache plagues a host or hostess than trying to figure out how to invite the right mix of personalities to dinner. Surely, you know someone that's had a large wedding or party and you've heard horror stories of seating charts.....who can't be seated with whom......and the ever annoying guest that NEVER returns their RSVP card. What I'm talking about here is a wee bit different......
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