Christmas Breakfast

Winter got here before I was ready. I'm a life-long lover of all things Christmas and spend most of the year looking forward to it!

Only, this year was different....much different...

First, I got the flu and suffered for 3 miserable weeks. Then, I announced that I wasn't cooking for Thanksgiving. I even went to the trouble of  scoring us seats at a potluck and ended up spending 4 hours in the kitchen....COOKING. I was exhausted by December 1st but I just couldn't let my favorite holiday pass by without making a (little) big deal about it. So, I rousted myself from my deathbed and made breakfast.

Nicole Lennox Photography

I went with a combo of the classics....fluffy & crisp Belgian waffles,  smokey thick cut bacon, and olive oil fried eggs. Keeping the menu simple allowed me to lend my attention to detail to the drinks and flowers. I wasn't rushing or overwhelmed and I actually felt a spark of my usual Christmas joy!

Nicole Lennox Photography
My advice for the holidays?

Remember, the point of it all is to make memories. You can't do that if you're in a corner rocking back and forth obsessing over some tiny detail that other people won't notice anyway.
If it isn't necessary....or kind....don't do it.

The. End.


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