Champagne x Pears

My Great Aunt Faye spent most of her life as a maid. She was as efficient + and no-nonsense as they come. She knew her stuff...and managed to teach “Miss Ann” a thing or two about style + class + decorum. Faye didn’t take a *smidge* of guff from anybody and in the end her employers always ended up calling HER ma’am.



Ice Cream x Idiosyncrasies

One thing you should know about me....for as much as I love to cook + entertain....I absolutely can't stand to hear people chew. 




Cheese x The Wiz

Most of the time gatherings in my home are impromptu. Don't get me wrong....I do my fair share of planned partying....but there seem to be a lot of occasions where people drop by, we get to talking, music starts playing, and we're having a soirĂ©e. 



Brownies x Brown Skin

Photo by Laura Murray, Styling by Anna Bilingskog

The world lately has been....heavy. The amount of mean spirited + hate filled rants I've seen in the past few hours....let alone the past few months.....




Cookies + Convo Starters

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt | SUP & DINE

I originally made these cookies last night because I was feeling slightly hostile. I needed a pick-me-up that didn't require the last bit of humanity I was clinging to at the moment.

No store.
No people.
No annoyingly happy birds tweeting while they live life full + free because.....you know...hostile.



Pretense x Popcorn

Fancy Snack Ideas

I wish I had an explanation regarding my propensity to err on the side of indulgent.

Then again....

I don't.

Wish that.

It is what it is.




Easy Bake x Citrus Cake

Pound Cake Recipe

I'm sure the title leaves a few suggestions, but trust me...all things aren't as they first seem. I'm a self-taught baker, chef, wife.....and most things in general. I'm creative, so I "make" a lot! There isn't some deep seeded effort to save money...lose weight...find my inner Deepak Chopra....or reduce my propensity for petty behavior. I just like to make things. To task my brain with creating something out of nothing. For me, there's peace in perfecting brioche dough, setting a table, and arranging flowers. #ThatsAll



Curating your Dinnerware Collection| Part 1

Some people are suckers for cornrows and manicured toes, Fendi capri pants, and Parasucos*.
Meanwhile, I'm just over here finding joy in all things tabletop & kitchenware.....and barware...and cutlery.
*song lyrics will be maimed on this blog incessantly, get with it.

My dinnerware inventory is perfect and I love every. single. piece. Some of it is my mom's(that she inherited from our Aunt Fay) and the other pieces I got from my mother-in-law. Most of the plates and glasses are vintage, and did I forget to mention, gorgeous?! I've added my own style to the hoard collection by buying pieces that I think will complement the overall aesthetic. That brings me to my first point...

1. Collections Take Time
Unless you plan to purchase dinner or bar ware as a set....don't pressure yourself into thinking that you have to get it all in one fell swoop. Buy what inspires you into action. If you like salad...be on the hunt for vintage tongs, bowls, and vessels for dressing. Ice cream lover...? Hunt different metal and glass cups that can be chilled in the freezer before serving! Buy what you'll use and have fun using what you buy!

2. Think Outside the Box
I know it's easy to go into a big box store and buy all of the pieces from their currently trendy collection...but it's also problematic. Dishes break, tastes change, and families grow. Leaving yourself room to expand + change direction is always the best way to go. Although a lot of my pieces are vintage, many of them are from the $.99 cents store and various small shops. Bet you can't tell which is which.....

3. Pick a Color Palette 
The colors you choose before you start will keep things simple for you in the end. Stick with one light color + one dark color + one accent. You can even look at a pattern (if you must) and pull some options from there. Be mindful that a well dressed table is about layers, so a great collection has to be timeless. You don't want to have so many colors and patterns and noticeable trends on your linens and dinnerware that it's a struggle to make it all work. My go-to is always white + black + wood. I just play around with textures, shade, and tones from that point.

Honestly, you can do what you like.....you don't have to take my word for it.


If you do, you know, take my word for it....we'll discuss where, when, and how much to buy... in Part 2! While you wait....check out how I plan to get full use of my collection by throwing one dinner party a month.....for a WHOLE YEAR!!

::::::raps the lyrics to Next Episode by Dr. Dre and logs off:::::



Irish Whiskey Salted Caramel Sauce

Yeah I know......there are zillions of salted caramel sauce recipes on the interwebs. Feel free to try one of those.....but don't come crawling back here when those fail to give you an ethereal experience and make you forget that you've pared down your wardrobe to yoga pants and oversized tees to accommodate your new eat-at-home life.

Who am I kidding?!?

You can crawl, run, and leap back over here.....I won't judge.
I may, however, whisper.....#toldyouso



No-Churn Coffee Ice Cream

Two things we should set straight right now.

1. Ice cream is great and best eaten in your underpants.
2. If you have a problem with #1, then we can't be friends.



1 Year + 12 Dinner Parties

Did you hear the news?! On Instagram last week, I announced that I will be doing 1 dinner party a month for a WHOLE YEAR! For some, that might sound nuts, but for me it's a chance to really fill up my life with all of the things....and people that make my heart happy!!



In Truth and Toast we Trust

I'm starting to sense a recurring theme in 2017.

Lying is the new truth.



Drunk'n Board

I don't always make stellar cocktails for parties....but when I do....I blame it on Pinterest.

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