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I don't always make stellar cocktails for parties....but when I do....I blame it on Pinterest.

I mean, I guess I could rack my brain and stress myself out trying to be great at everything....but I'm not and I already told you why in this post. I don't see anything wrong with playing to my strengths and since those mostly involve butter, I'll outsource the rest.
Since I care about you and don't want to lose you to the abyss that is Pinterest, I've created a place for all my home baristas to go. There are so many recipes and pictures.....gawd, the pictures..... on my Pinterest board it isn't even necessary for me to have to pretend to be a world class bartender....lady....woman...whatever.

From time to time, I'll makes some changes to some of the classics but if you drink like a fish and I just can't keep up with your tempo....head on over and see what I've got for you on BAR + CART.

In fact.....
....follow them all.....

Especially, the ones that use butter.


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