Micro-Parties x MLK

Micro-bashes are the glue that holds my family together. Birthdays are nice....but the in-between & unexpected celebrations are the best! I'll find an excuse to celebrate just about anything!!

"Your tooth fell out?!"
"We made THREE left turns in the car today?!?"

I try my best to keep things simple so we can pour our attention into the most important reason for the celebration!!

The cake!!

Presents break....cards get lost....but #cakeisforever. (ask my hips if you don't agree.)

I'm super excited that Destiney, of Mom Crush Monday, gets a kick outta my buttercream filled heart so much that most of our coming projects will give me a reason to micro-party my little heart out!! You can read more about our #CrushxDINE collaboration when you're done, here!!

January is in full swing and that means that we get to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday! Even if you aren't an African American History buff....just about everyone is familiar with his "I Have A Dream" speech. The Kid and I read the speech before bed the night before and he decided it would be a great idea to celebrate Dr. King's birthday this year.

Here's why....
The Kid had so many questions about Dr. King's work... but he kept coming back to the fact that Dr. King was a father to small children when he died. It was a big deal for him that the children didn't get to have more time with their dad...so he decided to write down his dreams so his kids would always know that he loved them and what kind of hopes he had for them in the future.

I'd share the recipe, but I think I've got confetti in my eye.......
:::::insert thug tears here::::::

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