In Truth and Toast we Trust

I'm starting to sense a recurring theme in 2017.

Lying is the new truth.

My two cents...?
When you TELL a lie....you have to REMEMBER the lie.

My truth...?
I get tired and don't care who knows it, so we eat whatever we can for dinner. I don't give in to pressure to be perfect or even nutritionally sound. We usually end up eating whatever we can balance on pieces of toast and I go to bed with a full belly knowing that sometimes I feed my family so they will leave me alone. The responsibilities of motherhood and marriage are rarely accomplished before you run out of hours in the day. That doesn't make it to The 'Gram too often because somebody decided that delirium only looks good in The Oval Office.
Yeah....I said it.......

You know what....?
Even though it seems like life requires a filter and cheaters ALWAYS win, truth is, honesty will get you pretty far in life....and as it turns out....it looks good on the 'Gram too.


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