1 Year + 12 Dinner Parties

Did you hear the news?! On Instagram last week, I announced that I will be doing 1 dinner party a month for a WHOLE YEAR! For some, that might sound nuts, but for me it's a chance to really fill up my life with all of the things....and people that make my heart happy!!

Be sure to subscribe and I'll do my best to show you what it takes to plan & execute small gatherings in your home on a regular basis. Don't worry that I'm going for perfection here...just whatever works for me.

If I drop an egg....I'll take a photo.
If my clothes start to get tight from excess butter consumption.....I'll tell you.
If I have a meltdown that involves lots of cursing about burnt filet mignon and shifts in barometric pressure that affect croissant dough......let's just say you're in the wrong damn place for that.

The point of all of this is to have fun and make memories.

Even if it's just a reminder never to fry bacon wearing lace top. #TrustMe


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