Easy Bake x Citrus Cake

Pound Cake Recipe

I'm sure the title leaves a few suggestions, but trust me...all things aren't as they first seem. I'm a self-taught baker, chef, wife.....and most things in general. I'm creative, so I "make" a lot! There isn't some deep seeded effort to save money...lose weight...find my inner Deepak Chopra....or reduce my propensity for petty behavior. I just like to make things. To task my brain with creating something out of nothing. For me, there's peace in perfecting brioche dough, setting a table, and arranging flowers. #ThatsAll

Since I am a wife and mother (to an awesome kid that happens to be sitting right next to me and reading each keystroke as I type) I have to simplify things for myself from time to time. I thought I'd scour the Internet and find a way to make my Citrus Pound Cake in less time. I found a few....and settled on a combo of the top two....and got the biggest lesson of my life. That said, :::lean in a little closer:::...I found out that I don't like quick & easy. #Gasp

I suppose I've always known this about myself, I just spent a lot of time ignoring it and feeling like it was a dirty little secret once it got out. Let me tell you a story.....

I was over-the-moon excited the year I received an Easy-Bake oven for my birthday! I couldn't wait to plug that puppy up and put my proverbial bun(s) in the oven!! Imagine my horror when I realized that I needed a special light bulb (LIGHT BULB, YA'LL) to make the magic happen. Never mind the disgraceful powdery concoctions that needed to be mixed with utensils fit for Tinkerbell....and poured into pans that scarcely held more 2.5 ounces of air. That stupid bulb was sold out everywhere and I never, I repeat, NEVER got one. I'd come home from school every day and clutch those damn cake packets to my chest while trying to figure out a way to get the oven to work without the bulb. After about a week, I took my tail to the library, checked out The Joy of Cooking, researched fire safety, and pitched a proposal to my mom to plead my case for baking without burning down the house. I won her over and my baking life began! Our house actually did burn down later, but it wasn't my fault and I could cook my ass off by then so we ate well for 6 months while it was repaired. #LookAtGod

The Universe has paved the way for me to roll + knead, simmer + braise, rise + wait.....and I'm not looking that kind of patient gift-horse in the mouth. The thing is....quick isn't synonymous with easy and sometimes, we move too fast and do too much.....and in the end, we suffer. Our quality of life sucks and so do the relationships in it.

This Citrus Cream Cheese Pound Cake recipe takes time...and patience...and practice...but, when you get it right, oooohhh it's so worth the effort. Don't worry...I've dropped a few and burned even more. I once forgot the salt and then didn't realize that I made the replacement with salted butter (ick!!). Last year, I had to make triple the amount of glaze because the cake stuck to the new pan and the top was as raggedy as our current presidential policies. But, when it's right, it's so good that you'll be proud to share it...and it's story with people you know and love. When it's bad, you're gonna share that too, 'cause you'll finally realize that you're a "try, try again" kinda person.....and the people that you love the most, love that about you too.

Pound Cake Recipe


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