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Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt | SUP & DINE

I originally made these cookies last night because I was feeling slightly hostile. I needed a pick-me-up that didn't require the last bit of humanity I was clinging to at the moment.

No store.
No people.
No annoyingly happy birds tweeting while they live life full + free because.....you know...hostile.

Luckily for me, I remembered that I bought some gorgeously luxe cookie kits from Not Without Salt Shop a few months ago. All of your ingredients come packed snug in a sturdy tube + all you have to do is add a stick of butter and 1 egg. You're supposed to let the dough rest (deepens the flavors) but I didn't because I was trying to save my soul.

Forgive me.

Cookies came out delicious and after I bit into the warm, gooey, soft cookie with sea salt sprinkled on top I knew order would be restored in my life once more. I knew I had reached my goal when I started a convo with, "I once dated a guy with one ball...."

See... I learned a long time ago that when you draw people in with seemingly neutral subject matter it makes the unexpected outbursts much more memorable. Salad can lead to a story about that night you spent in jail because you locked yourself out and the police thought you were robbing your own house.....or roasted artichoke hearts may just be the opening for the tale about the time you burned your forehead skin (and the hair to cover the burn) down to the layer just over your skull right before you took your last driver's license photo...and it hurt too much to move your face.....and the soulless heathen in charge made you take your Hello Kitty bandage off...because people would only know it was you when they caught you breaking into your own house if they could actually see the flat iron carnage.

Fast forward.....
My edges are flourishing...
My charges didn't stick.....
My license picture is finally poppin'.....
My good food + great company game is strong AF.

And to think..it all started with one cookie.....

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