Cheese x The Wiz

Most of the time gatherings in my home are impromptu. Don't get me wrong....I do my fair share of planned partying....but there seem to be a lot of occasions where people drop by, we get to talking, music starts playing, and we're having a soirĂ©e. 

I suppose I get that from my momma (heeey Sister Steele!!). Almost every weekend we ended up with, or in, a house full of family + friends. Those weekends make up some of my best memories to this day and happen to be the main reason I'll feed anybody that comes to my house. It's also proof positive that my love for macaroni + cheese knows no bounds. 

Let me explain.....

One weekend when I was little we were suppin' + dining per usual and a friend of the family started to feel sick. Before anybody could figured out what was wrong...he hit the floor face first. 

It was chaos

People were screaming.....kids were being herded from the room in tears.....paramedics were hustling into the room ready to save the life of the afflicted. 


One brave soul weathered the hysteria and dedicated a level of commitment to their plate of macaroni + cheese only seen in starving Army grunts. Refusing to be deterred, the laser focus was then applied to the abandoned plates on the table around her. 

Nothing but death could keep me from it. 

Technically, he didn't die.... not that day, at least and I did stop eating long enough to tell a firefighter that he was performing CPR wrong because he didn't put his lips on the slightly dead guy. 

Finally, somebody turned on The Wiz to lure me away from the scene + I grabbed what was left of somebody else's plate and went on about my business singing The Scarecrow's song at the top of my lungs. 


Now, you can win because I'm sharing the recipe for my mom's legendary macaroni + cheese. Truthfully, it won't make you want to slap anyone (yo' momma or otherwise) but it does have the power to make you sit patiently through someone else's near death experience to finish it. 

Just do what the recipe says....no, you can't leave anything out or make swaps so it's better for you. 


Once you take one bite....you'll know I didn't lie. Well, I might have but you'll never find it. Matter of fact...don't even look for the lie. Just eat. Your table mates will be distracted soon enough. Then, you can eat theirs too. 



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