Champagne x Pears

My Great Aunt Faye spent most of her life as a maid. She was as efficient + and no-nonsense as they come. She knew her stuff...and managed to teach “Miss Ann” a thing or two about style + class + decorum. Faye didn’t take a *smidge* of guff from anybody and in the end her employers always ended up calling HER ma’am.

Her formidable presence ::probably:: had something to do with the fact that she’d once made a living transporting hoes across state lines for pimps while carrying a huge pistol in her purse and sitting on a pillow so she could see over the dashboard...before she got right with The Lord™️......
Every Christmas she would dazzle party guests with her Champagne Pears...stuffed with brown sugar, butter, golden raisins, nuts, and spices...baked to perfection in a bath of spiced champagne + served with homemade vanilla ice cream drizzled with the gooey pan drippings. 
I spent Cyber Monday (avoiding shopping) by looking for random champagne facts to share with you. Lo, and behold, I came across this vintage inspired pear gift wrap by Poppytalk + I just had to smile when Aunt Faye crossed my mind. I put the link right here so you can download the pdf + chuckle to yourself about the maid with the golden gun while you wrap gifts this year. 
Ho, Ho, Ho(e)....


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