People often ask me who SUP & DINE is for...

It’s for the girl who grew into a woman without close examples to teach her everything from fixing a leaky faucet, to folding a fitted sheet, to learning to fillet a fish. 

It’s for the busy woman....whether she’s a jet setting CEO from 9-5....or an entrepreneur crushing it in her home office from 12-12 and doesn’t have the time to think about vases, throw pillows, or the perfect candle....but craves a space that nourishes her mind, body, and soul so she can get back to the grind.

While they may sound like two VERY different people....they actually have one very important thing in common. 

They’re both looking for a soft place to land. A place to rest, recharge, and renew their energy. They’re looking for home. 

Every woman needs to feel that no matter where life takes her....she can always create a stylish + comfortable space that she can be confident in knowing how to care for it and intentional in how she uses it....and especially, who she may let inside.

Here’s what self-care looks like for us. This is SUP & DINE. Welcome Home.

If you ever have any questions, HOME + TABLE + KITCHEN + INTERIOR related, just send an email to or follow along on Instagram @supxdine and someone will get in touch with you shortly! 
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