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#AskAntoinette: Cleaning Wooden Cutting Boards

Q: I see people using a lot of wooden boards to serve food lately. How do I care for one and keep it clean?

A: This one happens to be easier than you may think! Line your board with a clean tea towel or linen napkin before you place food on it. Pieces of waxed paper or parchment work well too! In a pinch...freezer paper can work since its grease and water resistant! 

Scrub your wooden board with hot, soapy water as soon as you're done using it, then rinse well and wipe it dry. Make sure it has had time to air dry completely before storing it in the cabinet. You can also apply a thin layer of food safe mineral oil to it (once dry) to help seal the wood. 

Every 2-3 washes...swap soap + water for a dusting of kosher salt and a scrub with half of a fresh cut lemon. Rinse, dry thoroughly, and store.


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