#AskAntoinette: Table The Issue

Q: "I don't have a true dining area...how do I figure out which type/size table to get?"


A: The first thing you need to do is measure the space. Next, imagine how many people you'd like to have over for dinner at one given time. Those two factors will be the hard and fast rule moving forward...so don't lose sight of those facts...ok?

- Round tables really do the trick in smaller spaces and oval tables give you loads of room without restrictions in long narrow rooms. This allows access from all sides without trapping guests in their seats if the table has to be near a corner or wall. I have this one...and I love it! The marble top on this one is so pretty and this walnut beauty is small enough to seat 2...without sacrificing style! Bonus points that it is on sale!

- Square & Rectangle tables work well in spaces that are open concept...or have few to no walls. The linear lines on traditional height tables help define the space. Using a counter, bar, or bistro height square table helps draw the eye upwards and break up the visual plane when used in a loft or studio. This table has an eclectic vintage vibe, this playful table comes in loads of options for a bright pop of color that is unexpected, and this sleek option can go from minimal to industrial and back with ease.

As long as you respect the facts of the space...you should be able to curate whatever feel & vision you have in mind for it!

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