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#AskAntoinette: Who, What, When, Where, Wine

Q: Help!! I agreed to host Thanksgiving this year and I know I want to serve wine with dinner but.....I don't know how much I'll need! There will be about 20 guests (all adults) for dinner and possibly 5-10 more that will show up for dessert. What do I do?!?

A: You can serve  about 5 glasses of wine from each standard size bottle if you keep your pour at or under five ounces. If you are letting your guests serve themselves, offer glasses that are smaller. Typically, a person stops pouring when their glass seems fuller than others in the room. Offering wine with dinner may cut down on the amount of refills guests make because they aren't idly drinking while they wait to eat. Wine with a meal requires a bigger initial pour (about a third of the bottle) per guest, but may result in less consumption overall.

In your case, I'd have at least 12 bottles to get through dinner + dessert without running out. Be sure to have other beverages on hand that feel festive like sparkling water, coffee, tea, and hot cider to help guide your guests towards other options that will complement the meal as the evening goes on.

I suggest shop at World Market, Target, BevMo, and Trader Joe's for wine by the case. You can even buy small bottles, or cans, to test which varieties you like!

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